Food and your Dog

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  • January 16, 2014
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909I see many dogs that are showing signs of behavioral abnormalities and stress
Some of these debilitating problems can be caused by what we feed our dogs.
We are all aware what happens with our children if we feed them food full of additives, colorants and E numbers.
Why do we imagine it is not the same for other mammals including dogs?
When I get a call from a potential client, and they list behavioral abnormalities such as hyperactivity, aggression, inability to concentrate, low attention span,  and in some cases aggression.
As a groomer there is one questions I always ask before I go any further. “what are you feeding the dog”

If they are feeding their dogs on food such as Bakers Complete or Pedigree. which may have lots of additives and preservatives.
I would recommend changing their food to see what difference to makes to their behavior

If there is not a marked change in behaviour after two weeks, then I’d recommend a behaviorist.

I feel it is important to state, that though I am looking at Bakers and Pedigree in this article.
That is only because they are the two biggest sellers of pet food in the UK.
It does not mean that other household named brands are not putting in ingredients that could have a detrimental effect on health and well-being of our pets.
It may surprise you to know they include Hills Science Plan, Royal Canin and Iams.
I’m no Vet, the statements I make above are from years of research and experiences.

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