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903What’s the difference between a designer dog and a mutt? Generally, a mutt is of uncertain ancestry. A designer dog has documented purebred ancestry, and one knows for sure what it is.
So what’s up with these hybrid “designer” dogs? Are they healthier? Hybrid dogs can still have genetic problems because you are crossing two first-generation dogs; however the percentage of hybrid dogs with genetic problems is much lower than purebred dogs because the gene pool is mixed. Unlike purebred dogs, when you adopt a hybrid, you do not know exactly what the temperament, size of the dog, or exact look of the dog will be.
When you breed two different types of purebred dogs together you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. If you are stuck on a hybrid dog how do you know which one to choose?

Read the temperament and care for both breeds in the cross and be prepared for any combination of the two. If everything about both breeds matches your and your family’s personality and lifestyle, then you can most likely assume this cross will work for you. If there is ANYTHING about either breed in the cross that you do not feel matches what you are looking for, avoid that cross. Do not assume or take the chance that only the good characteristics will emerge. You may be in for a big surprise and it is not fair to the puppy to chance that.

901Many different dog breeds are commonly mixed with poodles.

Poodles are often bred with other dog breeds to create hybrid dog mixes, which often have “doodle” or “poo” on the end of their names. Poodles are considered a good breed to mix with other dog breeds because they are non-shedding dogs, which make them a good option for people with dog allergies. Mixing a poodle with another breed can give the hybrid mix some of the looks and personality aspects of both dogs.

The most common I have groomed are


The Labradoodle is a common poodle hybrid mix that is created by breeding a Labrador retriever with a standard poodle. Labradors are known for being smart, loyal and kind dogs. Although Labs commonly have short, straight fur, some Labradoodles can have longer, curlier coats. Although they have more hair than common Labs, they don’t shed nearly as much as Labrador retrievers do, because they are mixed with the non-shedding poodle.


A cockapoo is a cocker spaniel/poodle hybrid. They may range in size from under six pounds to more than19 pounds and may have curly or smooth coats.

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